Stevens Sausage Co. carries a full line of products including country and spiral hams, hot dogs, chili, chitterlings, sausage, smoked sausage, and several ancillary or by-products such as hamhocks, turkey necks, fatback and pigtails. Please take a minute to look through and if you don’t see what you’re looking for contact us with any questions.

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Chitterlings (Chitlins)

Breakfast Sausage, Link Sausage, Smoked Sausage, Semi-Dry Sausage

Hot Dogs

Hocks and Side Meat

Stevens Country Hams

A tasty choice for Southern favorites that include….

  • Country ham biscuits
  • A country ham plate at breakfast or brunch with grits, redeye gravy, eggs and hot biscuits w/jelly
  • A country ham sandwich for a hike or picnic
  • Country ham mini biscuits for horsd’oeuvres at parties and other festive occasions
  • A small cut for seasoning the best of summer vegetables

Buy a Whole Country Ham or a Box of Slices– We ship!

View Country Ham Recipes 

stevens country hams curing

The Smithfield-NC Kiwanis Club serves a Stevens country ham supper (w/yams, cabbage, green beans, corn bread and hot biscuits) and fries ham on the spot at their downtown biscuit booth during the annual Ham and Yam Festival (First Weekend in May)

kiwanis club ham biscuits ham and yam

Spiral Sliced Hams

Spiral Sliced ham is crafted from the finest quality bone-in ham, carefully trimmed and slowly hickory-smoked to perfection; then pre-sliced for your serving convenience, creating perfect slices every time….no mess, no fuss, no carving. Self-serving convenience for all. A centerpiece that is sure to please. Each ham is delivered with the golden honey-glaze and complete instructions for easy preparation.

Buy a Spiral Ham Online

spiral_sliced ham offered by stevens sausage

Country Ham Bits

Want some country ham for a soup or casserole without investing in the whole country ham? We’ve got your solution! Already chopped ham bits ready to be added to your favorite dishes Stevens style. Check your local grocery stores for availability.

Stevens Ham Bits are the perfect solution!

Cooked Pork Chitterlings (Chitlins)

Chitterlings are a Southern tradition that are rapidly gaining a worldwide following. We are happy to dedicate a portion of our website to this delicious and much misunderstood Southern delicacy.

sevens_chitterling or chitlins

Stevens Breakfast Sausage and Semi-Dry Sausage

Stevens has a full line of sausage products including breakfast link and full link sausage, patties, semi-dry sausage, and smoked sausage. A breakfast staple for generations, our sausage is good enough to eat any time of the day. Our smoked sausage products are available in original or red and at different link sizes.

Stevens Smoked Sausage

Our smoked sausage comes in three different packages all pictured below. Which will be your favorite? Click here to find some cool smoked sausage recipes from Stevens and the web.

smoked sausage products

Hot Dogs

Stevens Hot Dogs are a great american staple to any cookout or recipe. With that red color found in the Carolinas, Stevens Dogs can be purchased in 12 oz packs or 2 lb. bags. Check your local grocery store for availability.

red hot dogs

Red Hots

One of our fan favorites, Stevens Red Hots take a hot dog to a new temperature! Available in pictured packaging, check your local grocery stores for availability.

red hots mini hot dogs

Hocks and Sidemeat

Stevens provides Southern food staples to help season your sides or to use as a tasty stand-alone side itself. We sale Ham Hocks, Turkey Necks, Side Meat, and Pig Tails. Check your local grocery for availability.

ham hocks and side meat